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“Indeed, Albright’s Gun Shop is one of the nicer Gun Shops in the nation and certainly well worth the visit…”
-Wing & Shot

“Albright leads the way to the blind Kennedy built in the middle of a corn-stubbled field and begins to set up 40 decoys… ‘It’s good to be back!’ Albright exclaims, hugging his daughter [Christy Albright Noble] and admiring the hunter’s first geese of the season.”
– Anita Huslin, “A Welcome Wild Goose Chase”

The Washington Post

” ‘This represents the perfect weekend, something we haven’t had in such a long time’ says Larry Albright, owner of a downtown gun shop that’s a popular place for goose hunters to gather and swap stories. ‘People will be able to go out in the morning, hunt and then come into Easton and enjoy the festival. It means so much for this community.’.”
– Howard Libit, “As Geese Return, Easton Poised for Hunt, Festival”

The Baltimore Sun

“Throughout the goose season, Larry Albright’s Gun Shop in Easton is crowded with serious hunters who are eager to talk ‘weapons and ammo’, swap stories, and have their shotguns checked out by Albright’s resident gunsmiths.”
-“The Big Business of Eastern Shore Hunting” Editorial

Maryland Magazine

“‘The cross section of sportsmen from all over the country that you’ll find in this store during goose season is unbelievable,’ says Albright. ‘The store is always jammed.’”
– Chris Dorsey. “Easton’s Affair With Geese”

“This small community on Maryland’s Eastern Shore opens its doors to goose lovers of all kinds. If you happen by the town of Easton, Maryland, the second weekend in November, you’ll be up to your gizzard in goose lore. A stop at Albright’s Gun Shop reveals a bustling business, with hunters scanning new guns and gear designed for use by waterfowlers.”
– Ducks Unlimited

“Certainly one of those delights is a visit to Albright’s Gun Shop, which is just next door to Legal Spirits restaurant in Easton. There you can while away an hour or two or three or more inspecting finefowling pieces and talking guns and shooting with Larry Albright, the owner, and the other “good ole boys” who while away their days most pleasurably…”
– Stuart Williams, “Bringing Back the Good Old Days to Eastern Shore”

Wing & Shot