Franchi began building firearms as a family business founded in Brescia, Italy, in 1868, making it one of the world’s oldest gun makers. Its first shop was located in, what was at the time, a growing industrial area of the Italian heartland known for mining ores used in metal manufacturing.

The late 1800s were a time in which major innovations were taking place in the firearm industry globally as the world transitioned from single-shot weapons using manually loaded charges of black powder to repeating firearms shooting ammunition made with metallic cartridges and smokeless powder. Franchi’s close access to ore mining gave it flexibility to experiment and innovate, which ultimately led to its reputation for being on the cutting edge of firearm technology, a reputation it still holds today. Competition was fierce among firearm manufacturers, and they formed secretive guilds to guard their inventions. Ultimately, Franchi separated itself from other gun makers by turning out high-quality firearms that demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship and reliability.

Franchi survived the turmoil of war-torn Europe in the first half of the 20th century and played a role in military restructuring that took place following the Second World War. Its reputation for reliable, high-quality firearms led to Franchi’s selection as a supplier of military rifles and shotguns for many NATO countries, even as it continued to produce shotguns for civilian shooting sports applications.

Franchi was purchased by industrial manufacturing giant Società Costruzioni Industriali Milano in 1987, and again by Beretta Holding Group in 1994. Through all the changes, Franchi’s commitment to quality and innovation never wavered.

Today Franchi continues to produce high-quality semi-automatic and double-barrel shotguns incorporating the latest features and firearm technology with a focus on accuracy, shooting comfort, ergonomics and recoil reduction. Franchi also now also offers the Momentum line of innovative bolt-action sporting rifles that come with a MOA accuracy guarantee.

For more than 150 years both civilian and military customers have counted on Franchi firearms. That’s a track record few firearm manufacturers can match. We invite you to visit your local Franchi dealer and see for yourself why more and more shooters are discovering that Franchi feels right.