Continuous innovation, research, the development of new technologies and materials, precision engineering and distinctive design are the keystones of Benelli’s philosophy. Benelli’s mission is focused on the design and production of semiautomatic shotguns that stand out from the competition for their advanced technology, refined styling and unrivalled reliability. Owning a Benelli shotgun means owning a product of distinction, and one to which all enthusiasts aspire.

Thanks to a strategic and consistent use of technology and an advanced industrial-standard production plant, the firearms that Benelli manufactures all offer superb ballistic performance and excellent functionality. Benelli has invested heavily in research, design and testing, and production takes place in a high-tech factory equipped with new generation plant and machinery under the supervision of the latest ERP and quality control software. Benelli also attaches the greatest importance to the professionalism of its people, and sees its workforce as key to ensuring the development of products and services that will consolidate its reputation as leader in the world of firearms for sport and defence.